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My American Friends

If it's true that old wood is better to light a fire ...
If it's true that an old horse is better to ride...
If it's true that an old book is a better read ...
If it's true that an old wine is better to drink and savor...
It's also true that it's better to have an old friend.

My Words The 17 Dec 2013 by Jean Humenry

My Words


There are words as gray as the fog. 

There are words as wild as the wind.

There are the tender words of a moon music. 

There are the words of sun as warm as the bread one shares. 

There are the words which play the fool and appear to take everyone for a ride.

There are the words which know a lot more than they appear to.

And it's like that that the stories are born.

Like that, quite simply...

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