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If it's true that an old book is a better read ...
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It's also true that it's better to have an old friend.

The Strange Choice of Chance The 03 Jan 2014 by Jean Humenry

The Strange Choice of Chance


If by chance, on a summer’s evening, the fleeting splotches of a golden light landed on your arms,

I hope you’ll let them touch you.


If by chance, drafts, wafts of melancholy air tried to close you in

I hope you’ll let them pass you by


If by chance, on a cold winter morning, crimson fog came in to surround you

I hope you’ll let it wrap you up


If by chance the dull roar of the surf tried to lure you towards the ravines

I hope you’ll continue on your way


I hope that you’ll arrive wherever it be, always curious and always gourmand.

I hope you’ll suddenly have nothing more to say, nothing more to tell.

I hope you’ll say that what happens to you is the luck that was due to happen to you


I hope you’ll choose the luck which you have chosen to bring about.

Let chance surprise you!

I hope you’ll choose to "rendez-vous "with the luck of chance.

I hope you’ll see it from afar, appearing like a mirage,

Like a faint and almost shapeless silhouette,

Like a blurred splotch advancing toward you.

I hope you’ll see it grow slowly larger,


This trembling,

Evanescent chance.

Step by step.

Your steps, its steps.

I hope you’ll see it as though through an icy fogged window

I hope you’ll be astonished, dazzled, captivated.

I hope you’ll be flustered


I wish you the strange choice of chance for this year fast approaching.



Jean Humenry



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